Saturday, July 28, 2012

Marv’s Brew Aha!
Marv’s Brew has turned into a labor of Love.
20 years ago I started going to my parents home country of Nicaragua, now I consider it my second home. I travel to Central America 1-2 times a year, and while there I go on a quest for the best coffee I can discover.
My Passion for coffee has been with me since I used to see my Grandmother in the kitchen roasting her coffee beans in a skillet.
I then discovered New Orleans style Cold Brewed Iced coffee, I really got to enjoy the rich smooth taste with very little acid.
And my third home is now Japan. My wife and I go to Japan to visit her family about once a year. While there I go crazy trying their drip cold brewed coffee.
Putting all my experiences of coffee together, I have come up with Marv’s Brew. A coffee with Big Bold flavors with very little acid.
This uniquely brewed coffee extract can be consumed Hot or Cold or Iced.

Try some and I guarantee you will love the taste  :)

This is the way coffee was meant to be enjoyed

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  1. For all orders in the East Bay, I will be able to do home delivery for free :)